The future plan of the PandaX experiment

The PandaX (Particle and astrophysical Xenon) observatory uses xenon as target and detector to search for WIMP particles as well as neutrinoless double beta decay (NLDBD) in 136 Xe. At present, the PandaX-II experiment is in operation in CJPL-I. The future PandaX program will pursue the following three main directions:
1. Continue the operation of PandaX-II until a total of 2-year exposure;
2. Develop and operate a multi-ton multi-purpose liquid xenon experiment, PandaX-xT, to push further the dark matter search;
3. Develop and operate a 200-kg (upgradable to ton-scale) high pressure gas TPC (HpgTPC), PandaX-III, to search for NLDBD in 136 Xe.

Details can be found in the attached file IAC-2016-pandax.